Business Formation

Goods and Service Tax Registration

GST Registration of a business with the tax authorities implies obtaining a unique, 15-digit Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) from the GST authorities so that all the operations of and the data relating to the business can be collected and correlated.

EPF and ESI Registration

PF and ESI are two social security schemes that are available to the working class in India. Both of these schemes were introduced to improve the living conditions of the working class. The Ministry of Labour and Employment is in charge of both of them.

Trademark and patent registration

A patent protects new inventions, processes, or scientific creations, a trademark protects brands, logos, and slogans, and a copyright protects original works of authorship. A trademark protects names, short slogans, or logos. A patent protects new inventions, processes, and compositions of matter (such as medicines). Importantly, ideas cannot be patented—your invention must be embodied in a process, machine, or object.

LLC, LLP, Private Limited Registration

In a LLP, the LLP Partners hold ownership of the LLP and also hold powers to manage the LLP. Therefore, a Partner in a LLP will be both a owner and a manager, whereas in a Private Limited Company, the shareholders (owners) do not necessarily have to have management powers.

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